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Officers and Board Members


Andrej Romanovsky

President, CEO, and Board Chair

Andrej A. Romanovsky, MD, PhD, is a leading expert on body temperature regulation. He pioneered the studies of the thermoregulatory functions of the same receptors that Zharko harnesses for treating hot flashes. He has two related patent applications and works with two other startups targeting the same receptors for treating different thermoregulation disorders.

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William Schmidt

Executive Liason Officer​

William K. Schmidt, PhD, is a pharmacologist, inventor, and entrepreneur who has helped to bring six drugs to the market. He has served in executive positions with NorthStar Consulting, Catalina Pharma, Ensysce Biosciences, EicOsis Human Health, and other national and international pharmaceutical companies.

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Michael Donovan

IP and Legal Affairs Officer​

Michael J. Donovan, PhD, JD, comes to Zharko with a scientific background and extensive legal expertise. For the past decade, he has worked as a patent attorney and managed the intellectual property portfolio for a major healthcare company. He brings valuable knowledge on structuring commercialization partnerships.


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Sean Senn

Board Observer

Sean Senn is a biotech entrepreneur, investor, and intellectual property attorney. He has founded or co-founded several life science companies, including co-founding Immix Biopharma (Nasdaq: IMMX), currently in phase 2 clinical trials for its lead cancer drug. Sean has also served in various leadership and advisory positions for companies in the biotech and medical device industry.

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