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Zharko Condemns Russian War in Ukraine

OLYMPIA, Washington, USA – ZHARKO PHARMA, Inc., announces its condemnation of the war started by the Russian Federation in Ukraine. While the U.S. Department of the Treasury currently allows patent filing and prosecution in the Russian Federation, including making related payments, ZHARKO PHARMA has made a decision to exclude Russia from its targeted markets. ZHARKO approached the owner of its in-licensed intellectual property with the request to amend the current license agreement and stop patent prosecution in the Russian Federation.

ZHARKO’s founder, Prof. (retired) Andrej A. Romanovsky, has always had a firm stance on political issues. In the early post-Soviet years, he published a critical letter on Soviet science in the journal Nature1 and was called a “new dissident” by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.2 Later, when he became the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Temperature (Taylor & Francis), he initiated a discussion on the journal’s pages of how scientists can promote peace on our planet.3, 4

“Over the last decade or so,” says Romanovsky, “Russia’s foreign policy has become increasingly confrontational. While one may or may not accept the stated goals of this policy, e.g., creating a multipolar world and limiting the eastward expansion of NATO, the current ‘special military operation’ of Russia in Ukraine is a full-fledged war and an aggression. As such, it constitutes a crime against humanity. No goals, circumstances, or explanations can justify this crime. ZHARKO’s officers and shareholders unconditionally condemn the war in Ukraine.”


2. In brief. New dissident. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists 48(5): 4, 1992.

3. Romanovsky AA. Education and peace go together… Temperature 3(4): 499-501, 2016.

About Zharko Pharma

ZHARKO PHARMA is a pharmaceutical startup (“micro-pharma”) based in Olympia, Washington. It is working on developing a novel non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes. ZHARKO PHARMA has a worldwide exclusive intellectual property license for the use of a new technology for treating the deleterious feeling of heat discomfort associated with hot flashes. ZHARKO PHARMA is using the accelerated drug development model by repurposing previously developed compounds


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